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I started playing Petz back in the 90's, when my mother came home one day with
a CD version of Catz 1 for the computer... I instantly fell in love with the game,
and quickly jumped up to Petz 3 when it was released, though I was never able
to get my hands on a copy of Petz 2 as a child.

I was in elementary during this time, and I remember the ride home being an
exciting event, because one of my petz was due to have her puppiez or kittenz
that afternoon. I would count the days in anticipation for the birth of my new
petz, and I remembered the first time I encountered a stuck pregnancy.
Eventually, I built up to Catz 4 and then Petz 5, and these games became as
important in my life as Catz 1 and Petz 3 had been. Babyz came to me along
the way, and proved to be equally entertaining. I was quite sad to see Ubisoft
abandon the computer versions of these games.

Through the years I spent a lot of time silently surfing through the community,
and have built a few fansites, but none of them really stuck around. Then along
came the muttlies breed file, and my passion for the games grew again. I have
hexed a few breedz and toyz through the years, and am excited to see what
the future holds from here! Here's to many more wonderful years with this
amazing and adorable game series! :D

Acid Trip Kennelz and Catteryz
Founded in 2015

Owner Names:
Asiyd, 'Ku the Raver

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