Official RP rules.

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Please read the RP rules first.
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Official RP rules.

#1 Postby SparDanger » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:41 pm

Taken from the Melituri dA journal with necessary modifications for forum use.
Speaking "OOC", or "Munning":

"Derived from the word "mundane", a mun is the author writing for a character in an online RPG. Can also be used as a suffix to denote a reference to a character's player rather than the character. Synonymous with certain connotations of role-player, author, player."

Now, we strongly STRONGLY dislike it when someone "muns" a lot whilst RPing. It really kills the mood for a lot of us and angers some of us with ill tempers. At most, a "brb" or a "g2g" will work nicely. Also, please don't ask about the mun's life if they're unwilling to talk about it. That also gets to us and totally ruins the RP mood.
The do's and do not's:

    :bulletgreen: The RPs should be kept at a minimum PG-13 at best! No overly gory or overly sexual RPing will be tolerated within the group and ESPECIALLY HERE! This will get you banned!

    If you must satisfy your libido, please go elsewhere. That's what porn sites are for. :eew:

    :bulletgreen: Please don't pair up your FC/OC with a another person's character WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION! Not only is that inconsiderate, it's also creepy. e.e

    :bulletgreen: Proper spelling and grammar is a must. We need to be able to understand you after all. We understand if English isn't your first language. Please try your best though. :)

    Zero tolerance policy on "text speak", however. :|

    :bulletgreen: Please take note that there will most likely be some same-sex pairings within the group. Please don't bash or flame them just because you don't like "yaoi" or "yuri". Because you WILL be ejected from the group and banned immediately.

    :bulletgreen: There may also be instances of Male pregnancy (Or "Mpreg") in this group. Saying things like "Mpreg can't happen IRL (We know this BTW, hence it's existence in RP)" or "Ew! Mpreg is gross" will also get you ejected from the group. Especially some characters are capable of Mpreg.

    :bulletgreen: God-modding is also a big no-no! We don't take kindly to people who do that. It makes us sadz. :(

    :bulletgreen: Making other people's characters do certain actions without their permission is also not allowed.

    :bulletgreen: Frequent begging/pestering of any of the RPers is also very frowned upon and can get you ejected from the RPs. Please be considerate.
-More to be added when needed.-

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