A Galactic Journey

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A Galactic Journey

#1 Postby EmeraldTH » Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:15 pm


On a calm normal sunny day in the world of Yukaro, home of Emerald The Hedgehog, who is the guardian of his world. He is the guardian of the 15 Demon Emeralds that exist there, suddenly finds that those emeralds are pulling him into another planet. Little does he realize, he is being pulled back into Melituri again. Upon his arrival, He is in his Demon Form. He is put into action, scouring across the world in search of friends who will join him in defeating the old threat that returns to Melituri with revenge in mind. A new villain appears as well.

I will start. Feel free to use any character from the world of Melituri as you like. you will need them for this. Also, if you have a villain character that you would
like to use, go ahead. You might want to use them; villains could be an abundance in this story.

Emerald The Hedgehog has landed in Melituri again. It was all thanks to his Demon Emeralds; something reacted with them to send him back here. He is Demon Emerald. He rarely speaks in this form. He looks around, and sees only gusts of wind and the moon. He then silently walks to see if he can find anyone that he knows that live nearby.

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