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The Elsa Alliance

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:26 am
by Pokota

We need people willing to escort a caravan from Shellburg as far north as Tab Town.

Compensation will be provided. Funeral Expenses not expected, but are also provided.

You do not need to accompany the caravan further than Tab Town, however we will not refuse people willing to travel as far north as Shimmer Palace in the Crystal Kingdom.

Apply at The Moonlight Guardian Inn using the following form:

Home Realm:

The More People, The Better!
Knight Kingdom Mercenaries, Incorporated


Names: Pedobear need not apply. Make the name sound like it would fit in in a Legend of Zelda-type setting.

Available Jobs:
Fighter, Archer, Rogue, Bard, Priest, Magician

You will be allowed to have a secondary job that you can change anytime, but the job you list on the application will not be change-able. Secondary jobs will be taken care of in Tab Town.

Available Weapons: Just list it, I'll take care of logistics later. Archers must have some sort of projectile weapon listed, while fighters must have some sort of melee weapon listed.

Home Realm: We have Southern Hills, Knight Kingdom, Gale Kingdom, Blaze Kingdom, Crystal Kingdom, Mist Kingdom, Vine Kingdom, Fields of the Sun, and Wastes of Mordecai as available home realms. Your home realm choice gives you an extra ability outside of your job abilities.

Signups are open for everyone; the caravan leaves for Tab Town once we have enough people.

The story itself starts in Tab Town, the caravan thing is just to get used to the combat system.

The Master of the Wild Throne can change the fate of these lands...

I need to find and modify my notes about character classes and skills; the last time I tried this, I made it way too complicated.

Signups by PM will be ignored