Draco Univercity Bunking Perrils.

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Draco Univercity Bunking Perrils.

#1 Postby Chaun » Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:32 pm

It all starts out in the morning of an early summer day. Chaun and his two friends ______ and _______ were all going to go to Draco Univercity, the Collage that is in their home town of Draco City. The only Problem is, The dorm rooms are all full. They walk down the street and find their old elementary school, run down and for sale. They Decided to pool their money together and Buy it and open it up as their own Bunk House for Collage studients with no home to go to.

First off I need to fill in the blanks with the other two main charicters. They will assist in running this.

Where will this lead, who knows, well I do but I like the suspence.

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