FlyFF In-game rules

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FlyFF In-game rules

#1 Postby Sparoku » Thu May 08, 2008 11:43 am

gmsl0th wrote:Some In-Game Flyff Rules

There has been a bit of confusion over what the in-game rules and their punishments are. So I've compiled this list to clarify things a bit. Basically, if it's on this list, don't do it.

Scamming - There seems to be this myth that scammers will not get banned. Wrong! If you go into a trade with the express idea of scamming a player it counts as harassment and you will be banned. With this in mind, if you fail to confirm the amount of Penya you are getting in a trade, or fail to ensure that you are getting the correct item, that is entirely your fault. So be smart, careful, count your zeroes, and verify trade items. Never give items/Penya to a player in a single sided trade in the hopes they will re-trade with you on another character or give it back to you at a later time. There are numerous fail safes in place to prevent being scammed.

If you feel you have been scammed, email flyff[AT]gala-net[DOT]com with proof. Do not post your scamming complaints on the forums. They will be removed.

Hacking - Any attempts to hack or crash the server, obtain user passwords, or use a third party program to obtain advantages in the game will result in a permanent ban.

Duping - Duping, or using an exploit to duplicate items will also result in permanent ban.

Exploits - Taking advantage of (exploiting) any flaw in the system to gain advantages for yourself or others will result in anything from a temporary ban to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the incident.

Selling on Ebay/Auctioning - If you sell your items/penya/chars for RL cash, or for any advantages in game or out, you will be PERMANENTLY banned, no questions asked.

False Hack Report - Making a false hack result will result in a three day ban. A false hack report is making a hack report against someone who isn't hacking. Usually the offender has a clear, negative motivation for making this report. (harassment) The offender may often use faked (photoshopped) screenshots.

GM Impersonation - Pretending to be a GM or any member of GPotato staff, or trying to fish out users' passwords will result in a permanent ban.

GM Tooling - Saying anything similar to "My GM friend will ban you!" will get YOU banned.

Harassment - If you harass other players, you will AT LEAST be muted. Depending on the severity of the act you may be suspended, or permanently banned. Harassment usually involves repeatedly bothering a player with inappropriate behavior, attempting to bypass their efforts to ignore you, and so on. Other forms of harassment (such as sexual) will be considered harassment on the first offense.

Harassing GMs nonstop will also result in a ban. We are very patient, but we do have limits.

Also, if you report harassment, you must include the entire conversation and screen shots.

Language - Inappropriate language will get you muted. If you keep it up you will be banned.

Spamming (especially shouts) - Repeating shouts or normal talks incessantly will get you a mute of variable length. Keep it up you will be banned.

AFK Shops and Spamming -Players that have set up shops and are AFK are no longer allowed to spam shout while AFK. We cannot enforce this thoroughly so we will be especially strict on the shops that we do find. Shouts that are found to come from an AFK Player will result in that Player being kicked from the server and, if the player repeats the offense, will result in that player being banned from Flyff.

Kill Stealing - Contrary to what some players may tell you, there is NO PUNISHMENT for kill stealing.

If anything is not listed here, but you really get the feeling that you shouldn't be doing it, please use your head and don't do it. It does not have to be on this list to be illegal and punishable.

Happy Flyffing!
The Flyff GM Team

Figured we needed a refresher course.

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