Adventures of Chaun: A Flyff Story.

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Adventures of Chaun: A Flyff Story.

#1 Postby Chaun » Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:58 pm

Hey, I made a new Flyff Story, yes Another one we haven't had one in awhile, but I made a few changes from what actually happened in the real game, see the bottom of this post for details.

It was a normal day in the town of Flarine. A young and ambitious Vagrant took his first steps out of town for the first time without help. He ran far and fast, anxious to start his adventure. He ran passed all of his fellow Vagrants, he ran a bit too far. He had found his way into Lawolf Territory. Before he knew it he was face to face with the largest Lawolf he had ever seen. He gripped his wooden sword, intimidated by the mere size of the creature. One hit by the creature and The Vagrant had been thrown back nearly 50 feet. He knew he was done for, he was prepared to die right there. But he wasn't hit again.

The Vagrant opened his eyes, to see what was happening. The Massive Creature was lying dead on the ground. A Purple haired person stood over the dead Lawolf. In his hand, he held two swords. The powerful man turned to the lowly Vagrant and told him, "Hey kid! Stick to the Aibaitts!" The Vagrant then passed out.

When he woke up he found a cheerful yet concerned looking Male Assist looking over him. "Hey, uh... Kid... You awake?" The Vagrant looked around, he saw another assist that looked like the other, and a Female Mercenary. "Yea... I'm ok... what happened? Last thing I remember this giant wolf like thing attacked me... then somebody saved me... What happened to that guy?" The First assist spoke to him, "Whoa kid calm down... we found you out in the fields, we didn't see anybody else, or at least anybody that coulda taken that monster." The Mercenary then asked, "What did this person look like?" The Vagrant explained his tale, and the second assist told him, "Sounds like the guy you were talking about was a Blade, although, nobody has come by with purple hair in a long time. So Anyway, I'm Orion, The other assist is my twin brother Sparrowhawk, you can call him Spar, The Merc next to you is is our sister, Camillith, Or just Cami." The Vagrant replied,

"M-m-m-my name is... Chaun."

Changes from Reality:
1) Sparrowhawk was never male and an assist at the same time.
2) Cami and Orion were not even created when I joined FlyFF, Link was maining Mieke.
3) I didn't meet Spar in game until I was a merc.
4) I wouldn't of have the balls to try to go up against a giant Lawolf as a Vagrant.
5) When I joined Flyff, Spar DID have purple hair.
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Re: Adventures of Chaun: A Flyff Story.

#2 Postby SparDanger » Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:17 pm

Pretty cool so far. :3

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Re: Adventures of Chaun: A Flyff Story.

#3 Postby godlyrose » Wed May 22, 2019 2:34 am

Reasonable shared :U

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