Erdrik Induragis

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Erdrik Induragis

#1 Postby Sparoku » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:39 pm

[Name:] Erdrik Induragis.

[Age:] 8,025. (Appears 25.)

[Gender:] Male.

[Orientation:] Bisexual (Is the Seme when with a male).

[Species:] Hedgefox (Or so he claims).

[Relationship status:] Single.

[Weapons/Abilities:] Alchemy and Alkahestry. Also has basic self-defense combat skills.

He was raised as a prince, even though he is an exile because his mother wasn't the queen. He is very polite and articulate, loves to spar with others when given the chance and is also a very skilled Alchemist and Alkahestrist.

He doesn't care for the fact that he's Xachan royalty, mainly because the advisers told the King that keeping him in the palace would make his people distrust him. Even though the King loved both Erdrik and his mother, he was forced to exile them to Melituri. He did, however, leave Rachel with a good amount of money. So she could buy a house and raise her son.

Erdrik doesn't resent his father for this and knows it wasn't his fault.

Unbeknownst to both Erdrik and King Zeal, Rachel was actually a Phoenix in hiding! Much like Anveena! She had fled the temple long ago when she fell in love with the king.

Erdrik hides this part of himself as best he can. Though his amber-orange phoenix eyes can give him away, that is, if anyone knew what to look for.

:bulletblue: Reading.
:bulletblue: Writing.
:bulletblue: Alchemy.
:bulletblue: Math.
:bulletblue: Sparring/Fighting.
:bulletblue: Alkahestry.
:bulletblue: Traveling (Is something of a nomad).

:bulletred: The fact he's Xachan royalty. (Denounced the throne.)
:bulletred: Being flirted with by strangers.
:bulletred: Men who don't respect women.
:bulletred: When his friends are hurt.
:bulletred: Slang. (Can't understand most of it.)

:bulletblack: Seeing others hurt.
:bulletblack: Women.
:bulletblack: His tail.

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