Edward Danger

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Edward Danger

#1 Postby Sparoku » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:35 pm

[Name:] Edward Danger.

[Age:] 25.

[Gender:] Male.

[Orientation:] Gay.

[Species:] Demon-Phoenix.

[Relationship status:] Married to Orion Danger.

[Job/Occupation:] Surveyor/Construction worker.

:bulletgreen:Owns two small daggers that he keeps hidden in his metal wrist cuffs.

Edward is a very straight forward and quick witted individual. He is quite sharp tongued and often seen as an asshole because of it. Not afraid to tell anyone how it is and doesn't believe in 'sugar-coating' the truth in any way. This tends to drive away most people as well as his intimidating nature.

He does have a softer side, but the likelihood of you ever getting to see it would be like finding Jimmy Hoffa AND a real pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Edward also enjoys learning about many various things and tends to read a lot. He takes pride in his high intelligence and can be arrogant about it sometimes. Despite his best efforts not to be.

:bulletred:Working out.
:bulletred:Singing. (Never in public though.)
:bulletred:Repairing broken things and building.
:bulletred:Being with his family.
:bulletred:Breaking Spar's nose.

:bulletblack:Egotistical people.
:bulletblack:Homophobic people.
:bulletblack:The general lack of common sense.
:bulletblack:His bad back.
:bulletblack:Getting caught singing.
:bulletblack:When people assume his sex drive controls his actions.
:bulletblack:Anyone who wrongfully attacks the few people he cares for.
:bulletblack:Recolors/Art thieves.
:bulletblack:Being flirted with.
:bulletblack:Being touched.
:bulletblack:Rainy weather (Makes him sick).
:bulletblack:When his son yells at him.

:bulletwhite:His wings, if injured.
:bulletwhite:His bad back.
:bulletwhite:Rainy/cold weather (Because of his right leg having been cut off long ago).
:bulletwhite:Light element powers, due to his Demon side being used a lot more.

[Theme song(s):]
Monster ~ Skillet.
Lights out ~ Breaking Benjamin.
Just like you ~ Three days Grace.

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