Trista Danger

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Trista Danger

#1 Postby Sparoku » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:36 pm

[Name:] Trista Danger.

[Nickname(s):] Tristy, Rizzie, Risa.

[Age:] 5.

[Gender:] Female.

[Orientation:] Doesn't have one yet.

[Species:] Hedgefox/Demon-Phoenix.

[Relationship status:] Single.

:bulletgreen:Has Phoenix wings hidden in her back, like her father.

Trista is a quiet, shy, somewhat bratty, yet very friendly little girl. She's a lot like Roma when it comes to their Anxiety and Bi-polar tendencies, though her symptoms aren't quite as severe. She adores her family. Especially her siblings, Laura and Roma. She's also very tolerant of Roma, who gave her the ear piercings.

If there's one thing that really upsets her, it's that whenever she needs help with anything and has to ask for it. She likes being as independent as possible and hates feeling like she's a burden on anyone.

Like her father, she loves to learn and tends to pride herself on how smart she is for a five year old. She can already read and write on a college level. Trista also enjoys painting her nails and brushing her hair and can usually be found in front of a mini pink vanity in her room, when not with family members.

:bulletpurple:Her siblings.
:bulletpurple:Her parents.
:bulletpurple:Sitting by herself in a corner and playing quietly.
:bulletpurple:When Roma uses her as a clothing dummy.
:bulletpurple:Watching her aunt perform Alchemy.
:bulletpurple:Sleeping on her daddy's chest when he falls asleep on the recliner.
:bulletpurple:Playing dolls with her big sister.
:bulletpurple:Watching the Discovery and History channels.
:bulletpurple:Brushing and styling her hair.
:bulletpurple:Painting her nails.
:bulletpurple:Playing dress-up with her aunt's clothes.
:bulletpurple:Getting and sharing bubblegum.

:bulletred:Being thought of as helpless.
:bulletred:Strangers trying to get her to talk to them.
:bulletred:When her parents fight.
:bulletred:Her medication. (Yes, she has Anxiety medication too.)
:bulletred:When Roma won't pay attention to her.
:bulletred:When other people flirt with her mother.
:bulletred:When people other than her parents tell her what to do. (Unless she's being babysat.)
:bulletred:Being told "no" without a valid reason. (Or what she considers valid.)

:bulletblack:Her wings (if injured).
:bulletblack:Her detest of being helped.
:bulletblack:Being yelled at.
:bulletblack:Her lack of a proper immune system.

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