128ET Uubi the dog

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128ET Uubi the dog

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Picture: http://jansa87.deviantart.com/art/Uubi- ... 75014&qo=5

Full name: "128 ET" the dog

Dialog Color: #FF00FF

Nickname(s): Uubi

Gender: Male

Species: Dog (siberian husky to be more precise)

Age: 15 + 1,5 <-- the time he was growing in the "meat capsule", so technically 16,5

Sexuality: straight

Relationship Status: available

Currently lives: Hell

Job: research scientist

Alignment: neutral

Religious beliefs: none, pure atheist

Smoker?: no

Drinker?: drinks a little from time to time

Drug User? nope

Height: 1 meter 50 centimeters

Weight: around 30 kilogrammes

Figure/build: average, leaning towards slim

Eye color: blue

Skin/fur colour: warious tones of gray

Tattoos: none

Scars: none visible

Piercings: eartag

Preferred style of clothing: Black shortsleeved shirt, blue jeans, white gloves and "howerboots" (his own creation)

Personality: relativelly friendly but when you piss him off, he will kill you.

Likes: taunting Maniac, creating all manner of equipment that Maniac can use

Dislikes: getting burned by Maniac

Fears/phobias: None

Favorite color: none, likes all colors just as much

Hobbies: does not have any

Talents/skills: able to to telekinesis and teleportation, distance of teleporting depends of the amount of power emeralds used, is able to recharge Maniacs "power ruby", able to revive anyone who has been dead less than half hours

Peaceful or aggressive: normally very peaceful, but when pissed off, he will be out for a kill and satisfies with nothing less.

Fighting skills/techniques: hardly ever uses hand-to-hand combat, tries to avoid such things by using his telekinesis to hurl ewerything he can get his mind on towards his foes.

Weapon of choice (if any): has low physical strength, but is able to use telekinesis to use big and heavy things to beat up his enemys (occasionaly has beat up his foe with bad guy itself).
Soul Reaper Dagger: Image
Uubi's only melee Weapon, the Soul Reaper is a mighty weapon, that does not leave no physical wound, but instead damages the targets soul directly, creating great pain and torment to the one, who is being sliced by this blade.

Strengths: has grown immune to any type of fire, slightly faster than normal healing speed.

Weakness: rather low physical endurance (means cant take much beating), prone to the effects of cold (means he catches cold very easily and is affected more harder from the cold element attacks such as ice spells etc.)

Parents: does not have any parents, closest thing to a parent he has is Miol The minotaur, his creator

Siblings: none

Friends: Maniac the hedgehog, Gorn the rabbit, Miol the minotaur, Metion the bear

Rival: has none cuz he spends most of his time at hell.

Enemies: when he is attacked, he leaves no attacker alive to prevent them from taking revenge

Childhood: Uubi was released from his capsule roughly one year after Maniac, alltough he was supposed to be in capsule for another half a year, thus was named as failed experiment, all that because of Maniac´s little yet huge accident at Uubi´s capsule room.there is no need for readers to know any further details, only the fact, that Maniac was the one who released Uubi from the capsule. Uubi showed great interest in the art of mechanics and healing others, that Miol finally took Uubi as his apprentice, thing Miol had never done in his over 1000 years long life. Uubi´s childhood passed mainly in learning in these 2 areas, but after Uubi first saw a power emerald and touched one of them, was it proved that he is not a failed experiment after all. Initial contact with the power emeralds caused a teleportation big enough to teleport the entire asteroid fleet several galaxies away from theyre original location. After that Uubi fully deticated himself to study the power emeralds and learn to unleash the incredible power they contain. Uubi´s childhood ended pretty much at the same time as Maniac´s, after the initial transformation, when the entire ship was about to explode, Uubi was the last one to leave because his escape pod was damaged by the immense amount of energy Maniac had created, and was able to leave just few seconds before the explosion. after that he and Maniac crashlanded on Mobius.::end of the childhood section for now, will be continued::

Present Day: in present day Uubi is one of the lead scientists in hell´s armory where he helps tp build an create all manner of weapons and other equipment to aid Satan´s army in keeping the deep Hell under control, he also is able to revive anyone who has been dead less than half hours.

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