OHR game review: Logan's Adventure.

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OHR game review: Logan's Adventure.

#1 Postby SparDanger » Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:57 am

Game can be found here: http://www.castleparadox.com/gamelist-display.php?game=173

:bulletblack: Play time - 0 hours, 20 minutes.

:bulletgreen: Intro - You start as a kid named Logan who's getting dressed for a mission. Yeah... That's really it...

:bulletg2: Graphics - There's way too much white! The walls and carpet have no variation whatsoever and even look like they blend into one another. Were it not for the gray airbrush speckles, I wouldn't know what was supposed to be the wall or floor.

The walkabouts look rather like paper dolls make by a five year old (WHY IS LOGAN BALD?! WHHHYYYY?!). The colors of the character's clothing don't go well and make it seem much like a MS paint drawing.

I also don't like how the creator stole the armchair from Wandering Hamster and slapped that in his character's room. For shame!

Not very pleasing to the eye at all.

:bulletred: Storyline - -SPOILERS AHOY! READ AT OWN RISK!-

The storyline is barely existent. At the beginning, Logan says he has a mission he needs to get done and that's all you get.

There's also a beginning cut-scene with a spaceship flying by that reads "Mars or bust" on the side.

Why? What for? Is it part of this mysterious mission that Logan never elaborates on?

Anyway, after you get dressed, there's two doorways you can go through. One leads to a closet with a huge monitor in it. Now, why does he even HAVE this closet if he already has a dresser and a mini-closet next to his bed?!

The other doorway leads to, what I can only assume is, the living-room. There, you find Logan's parents and his sister.

His dad only says "hi", his mom warns him of thugs and his sister asks him if he wants a key to her dresser. Why? Because there's a weapon in there, I guess.

Now, what kind of parents let their kids have weapons in their dressers?! That's messed up and very disturbing!

After you walk outside (which is a wonderful relief from the eye-killing white), you see Logan's sister (wasn't she inside?) and after talking to her, a chase ensues. Back into the house (which is way too huge) and into Sara's room, where you launch a net at her (didn't he want to kill her?) and she says you caught her.

That was as far as I got before having to stop, due to eye-strain.

:bulletorange: Gameplay - Easy to figure out how to move and use items. As far as I can see, the creator didn't really add anything to this.

Maybe I should be grateful.

:bulletyellow: Battle - Why does it take only one hit to kill a thug and God knows how many to take down a mucus monster?!

:bulletblue: Map design - Everything's too big and the inside of the house is way too white! The outside was bland and lacked detail.

:bulletpurple: Balance - Nope. Wasn't really any.

:bulletwhite: Music - OHR default songs. Not even the ones I like either. Ended up turning the volume off after a few minutes.

:bulletpink: Enjoyment - Between the eye-burning graphics, the barely existent storyline and the headache inducing music? Hell no! My brain cannot take anymore!

:bulletblack: Conclusion - This game needs a hell of a lot of fine tuning before I'd ever consider a replay. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHANGE THE HOUSE'S INTERIOR COLOR SCHEME!!

:bulletg2: Final thoughts - I'd just like to say this to LogHeckTech:

I did NOT find this game humorous OR funny at all! I found it to be rather confusing and painful!
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