What I look for in a staff member (Applications here)

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What I look for in a staff member (Applications here)

#1 Postby SparDanger » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:25 am

This is what I look for in a potential staff member:

:bulletorange: Dependability.
:bulletorange: Assertiveness.
:bulletorange: Visits everyday.
:bulletorange: Follows the rules, thus setting a good example for others.
:bulletorange: Kind and helpful person.
:bulletorange: Never starts Flame wars.
:bulletorange: Has prior experience.

Want to be a staff member? PM me with your application and I'll get back to you. However, there is no guarantee you'll be accepted.

Application: (Copy and Paste this into your PM)

    Why you want to be a staff member:
    How often you visit:
    Other forums you MOD/Admin on:
    Why I should accept you:

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