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#1 Postby SparDanger » Sun Jan 17, 2021 9:28 am

    :bulletgreen: 1. No posting warez or spyware! (Warning/temp ban or Perma ban.)

    :bulletgreen: 2. No Spamming other's threads. (Warning/temp ban or Perma ban.)

    :bulletgreen: 3. Death threats, sexist remarks and racism will NOT be tolerated (Perma-Ban, NO EXCEPTIONS!)

    :bulletgreen: 4. Try not to double post if you can help it.
    (Double posting to update a picture thread of yours is perfectly allowed though.)

    :bulletgreen: 5. Do not ask for staff positions. (Don't call us, we'll call you...)

    :bulletgreen: 6. Respect the other people here. Just because its the Internet, that doesn't mean that you should be an asshole. (Warning/temp ban or Perma ban.)

    :bulletgreen: 7. Do not seduce other members in a public thread. There is no place for it here. (Warning and/or temp ban)

    :bulletgreen: 8. Please refrain from typing in all caps. We don't like being yelled at. (Warning.)

    :bulletgreen: 9. Please search forum topics first if you have a feeling someone has asked the same question you already have

    :bulletgreen: 10. Please don't PM members of the site with just a link to your forums. (Warning.)

    :bulletgreen: 11. Please do not post one word posts or a post with just a smiley in it. It makes you look stupid. If you have nothing useful to say in the topic, then do not post in it. (Warning.)

    :bulletgreen: 12. Do not put explicit text or pictures in your signature. (Warning/temp ban.)

    :bulletgreen: 13. Please refrain from using a member's real name on the forums, unless they have given you permission first. (Warning/temp ban.)

    :bulletgreen: 14. Stealing someone else's art, sprites, ideas, stories and such is prohibited. If you want to use something from someone else on this site, make sure you have permission to do so. (Warning/temp ban or Perma ban.)

    :bulletgreen: 15. Try to refrain from using heavy profanity in your posts, I'd really prefer for everyone to keep their language as clean as possible. We do have children on this site, after all. (Warning/temp ban or Perma ban.)

    :bulletgreen: 16. Making a new account after having been banned is called "Ban evasion" and will result in an IP address ban. DO NOT DO IT!!

    :bulletgreen: 17. Account hacking will not be tolerated. If such a thing occurs, contact an Administrator ASAP! (Perma IP ban and Account deletion.)

    :bulletgreen: 18. Please type with proper spelling and grammar. It makes things difficult if other members can't understand you. We understand if English isn't your first language, but please put in the effort. (Warning.)

    :bulletgreen: 19. All NSFW adult artwork and literature is to be posted ONLY in the designated sub-forum! (Warning/temp ban or Perma ban.) :new:

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