The Wild Throne

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The Wild Throne

#1 Postby Pokota » Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:09 pm

And ATMOS saw what he had wrought, and though it was evil and full of hate, The Allmighty One turned it into a vehicle of justice. Lo, and ATMOS saw his own fate, and could do naught but laugh. ~The Book of Legends

The story of the Bell of Atmos, as well as the legends surrounding the Mythsilver Rod, Crown of Mordecai, and the Wild Throne, all spring from the same chain of events.

You see, the Alliance between the seven major kingdoms of Knight, Gale, Blaze, Crystal, Mist, Vine, and Sun is a very recent thing. Yes, they were at peace, but not for lack of trying.

What really set everything in motion was the boredom of the (former) God of Chaos, Atmos. He created the Bell of Atmos, and created a rumor that he who could ring the bell would rule the world. So, naturally, the kingdoms fought each other over the bell.

The bell itself emanated a magical aura that called people to it, and exaggerated their violent tendencies. For a while, this amused Atmos. It did not amuse the Seven Guardians or the kings, though.

It was a sage by the name of Mordecai that figured out how to prevent more blood to be shed over the bell. You see, the Seven Guardians lend their power to the Seven Monarchs so that they may protect their people. Mordecai discovered that the combined power of all seven, if focused on a point in space, could cause magic to separate from itself - disjunction.

Mordecai was no fool, though. He knew that breaking the magic of the bell would invite the wrath of Atmos on him. Instead of separation, though, he also discovered a way to use the magic of the Seven to create a seal around the bell - without disjoining it. It required that the power of the seven monarchs resonate with each other in a crystal array.

And for a time, it worked. The kingdoms were at peace once more. But the damage had been done, for there was still one person who knew how to harness the power of the bell.

Like Mordecai before him, Baron Kainen asked each king to bestow power upon a rod of Mythsilver, under the pretense of destroying the bell once and for all. His goal was to disjoin the Crystal Array and the Bell of Atmos, and absorb the power for his own. He was successful.

He pointed the Mythsilver Rod at the Crystal Array. He spoke the magic words that would forever change this world. He felt the magic separate from the Array. He called it into his own. He had won...

He was even ready for the Seven Guardians.

Bo was the first to confront him. Then Kaze and Kristal. Next were Lucius and Kasuko. Then Lance held him in place while Grace tried to break him.

But Baron Kainen withstood their assault, and managed to repel them. He turned to disjoin the Bell of Atmos...

and saw Atmos himself guarding it. He pointed his rod at Atmos.

"Don't waste your time. It is not magical anymore." proclaimed Atmos. "Your rod is more powerful than you thought, to have broken Mordecai's array and my bell in the same strike.

Baron Kainen raised the rod against Atmos. "Out of the way, old man. I've come to claim my prize."

But Atmos had already left with the bell and its magic. "A God of Chaos cannot hope to win here. Have fun, Baron Nothing!"

Before Baron Kainen had a chance to question what Atmos meant by it, his body was wracked with pain. Mordecai arrived just in time to see him collapse.

"So, you did it." said Mordecai.

Baron Kainen could not hear him. His flesh burned, his lungs felt flooded, his muscles stiffened, his eyes were blinded, and his ears could only hear the laughter of madness. He tried to form a spell in his mind, but the magic would not come. He tried to cry out, but found he could not breathe.

As soon as it had begun, it had stopped. Mordecai witnessed the horrific transformation.

Where once fell a man rose a demon.

And so was born Kafinex, Demon of the Void. Tossing aside the rod, he destroyed Mordecai and twisted into a crown of Bone and Volcano-glass.

Raising his arms, a house of solid Unobtanium encased him, and rose off into the sky to become the Wild Throne.

But Kafinex left behind the tools that would lead to his eventual defeat, for where he once stood lay the Mythsilver Rod, the Crown of Mordecai, and the Bell of Atmos.

Atmos appealed to The Allmighty One for a way to destroy Kafinex, and he was shown exactly what was necessary.
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Re: The Wild Throne

#2 Postby Dan » Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:15 am

Nice story. For some reason, after I started reading like the first five lines, I loaded up this song and it went well with the story.
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