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About Echo!

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Basic stats:







[Religious faith:]



Visual effects artist and PC builder.


Washington state.

How Echo got started in Visual effects art:

Echo has always had a knack for electronics, tinkering and creating effects! Ever since she was 3 or so, she started by taking apart something her mother gave to her, then putting it back together.

She really started her visual effects work around 15 years old and has become quite talented in the field. Echo also enjoys a lot of PC gaming and owns/runs her own TeamSpeak server, called Lulzland.

How Echo got started in game making:

When she was 12-13 or so, Echo found the O.H.R.RPG.C.E.and began making RPG games with it. None of them being all that good, of course, due to her inexperience back then.

Finding SecondLife:

Echo was introduced to Second Life a long time ago and hasn't really gone on much these days.