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About Spar Danger's creator!

Brief disclaimer: This is not about the character "Spar Danger". This is information about the creator.

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Basic stats:









[Religious faith:]



Fast food worker.


Washington state.

How Tiffany got started in art:

Tiffany has been drawing since she was 5 years old. Mostly little blob people and stick-figures. She started taking art more seriously when she was 15 and began actively striving to improve her work!

Tiffany created her "Sonic-sona" when she was 17-18. She started out as a minor edit of an Amy Rose sprite. Naturally, as Tiffany's skills improved, the character went through many changes and updates. Both in appearance and back-story. She still strives to improve in both character writing and design and is open to critique.

Pic of Spar art timeline

How Tiffany got started in game making:

When she was 14-15 or so, Tiffany was shown the O.H.R.RPG.C.E. by her sister, Echo, and began making RPG games with it. None of them being all that good, of course, due to her inexperience back then.

Her games can be found here.

Finding SecondLife:

Tiffany was introduced to Second Life, once again by Echo, and still enjoys creating new avatar appearances and building things to sell in her shop.

Her shop is here, and her character list is here.

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