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Please read all of the info provided before commissioning! Thank you!
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  1. You can only purchase one commission at a time.
  2. You MUST provide a reference of the character you want drawn.
  3. Please let me know if there is a deadline BEFORE purchasing a commission!
  4. All commission details must be handled via e-mail or on Discord. (Please title the e-mail "commission". Untitled e-mails will be ignored.)
  5. I reserve the right to terminate any commission for any reason. If this is done, however, you will receive a partial refund of your money.
  6. You MUST pay before you can receive your commission. I can do a "half now, half later" payment deal if you want.
  7. There are certain things I will not draw no matter what. Please respect that!

What I will draw:

What I will NOT draw:


[Q:] Do you draw team pics?
[A:] Yes I do. :)

[Q:] Why don't you draw Official SEGA character pairings?
[A:] I'd prefer to stay out of the whole pairing thing. Some of these "Sonic pairing" fans are crazy. @_@

[Q:] If I pay you more by accident, can I get a refund of the extra money?
[A:] Yes. All you have to do is ask me. :)

[Q:] I'm not happy with the commission I received, can I get a refund?
[A:] Well, I'm sorry you don't like it, but I do NOT give refunds if the commission is completed. I will fix whatever you want, but not the whole drawing! No extra charge. :)

[Q:] Would you draw my FC with a SEGA character as a couple?
[A:] I'd really rather not... For the same reason(s) as in the "Why don't you draw Official SEGA character pairings" question.

[Q:] Why don't you draw ponies?
[A:] I do draw ponies but I don't feel that I'm good enough to offer them as commissions yet.

[Q:] Can I put the art I bought from you in my own gallery or on my own website?
[A:] Sure! All I ask is that you give me credit for the artwork!

[Q:] I paid you for a commission before you changed prices. Do I have to give you extra money?
[A:] No you do not have to. But tips are always appreciated! ;)

[Q:] Are we allowed to tip you if your work is amazing to us?
[A:] Tips are very welcome! I am very flattered when people enjoy my work!

Prices and examples:

Blinkies (small animated pixel avatars) - $1.00

Sketch - Head-shot $3.00 Bust-shot $4.00, Full-body $6.00

Inked in - Head-shot $5.00 Bust-shot $6.00, Full-body $10.00

Flat coloring (no shading) - Head-shot $5.00 Bust-shot $7.00, Full-body $15.00

Cel shading (That cute cartoony shading) - Head-shot $7.00 Bust-shot $10.00, Full-body $20.00

Soft/Airbrush shading (More realistic and blurry shading) - Head-shot $7.00 Bust-shot $10.00, Full-body $20.00

Character reference sheet - $30.00 (Backview and additional outfits $2.50 each)

Backgrounds and additional characters will be extra. It will depend on the complexity.

Contact information and social media links

Please contact me for commissions on Discord or by e-mail!

My Discord tag is SparDanger#0305. My e-mail is

I also have Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. But they're not used as much. I daresay, many of them are dusty.

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