Sky and Spar's projects to finish

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Main list:

  1. Wedding kiss picture.
  2. Klaw group pic.
  3. Finish "Sonic is Easy" with coloring and fixing the word balloons.
  4. Finish some more iscribs.
  5. Finish Lazy Days Remake.
  6. Finish Tundra teasing Silver about the two of them being a couple like Skylert and Blaze.
  7. Silver spoiling his wife Tundra with massages.
  8. Finish Twilight proposing to Trixie.
  9. Finish Blaze, Ember, and Twilight.
  10. Give Skylert and Blaze Notre Dame, Bears, and Seahawks Jerseys.
  11. Vileplume Anveena and Charizard Skylert outfits.

None of this is on a schedule. So there's no pressure to get it done ASAP. These are solely for fun. :D